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MIC Corrosion

MIC Corrosion

Be In The Know

MIC & Corrosion In A Fire Sprinkler System.

Fire sprinkler systems are vulnerable to attack from microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and other corrosion. With the investment you have in your fire sprinkler system, and what it could cost if it malfunctions because of MIC, ignoring it is clearly not an option.

MIC can invade and destroy both new and old fire sprinkler systems. The rusting process within fire sprinkler systems occurs frequently. The water, high in oxygen, reacts with iron. It starts rusting and the pipe becomes damaged. Rust is the beginning of the problem. Then, chemical acids start either as a by-product of bacteria and/or the by-product of reduced oxygen. Tubercles are formed and “tell tale” signs of the impending disaster appear. The deposits formed consist of red-brown ferric hydroxide and greenish black ferrous hydroxide, to include other mineral deposits. These deposits are called tubercles and, at times, are a combination of “microbiological attack” and/or “oxygen cell” corrosion.

MIC can occur in any aqueous environment. MIC is a common problem in fire sprinkler systems because of the presence of microbes, water, adequate nutrients and corrosive by-products. These microorganisms form colonies on the surface of a metal, producing slimes that collect and glue deposits to the metal. They do not form uniform layers, but local “community centers.” Once a colony has formed, it tends to attract other biological and non-biological species (metals and chlorides) to the colonization sites.

All this leads to the formation of crevices, allowing corrosion to proceed. The end results of MIC are plugged sprinkler heads and tuberculation which can result in thinning of the metal pipes to include the cause of pinhole leaks. This destruction can severely cripple or disable a fire sprinkler system and cause catastrophic damage to the building and its valuable contents.
Crisp-LaDew offers one the most comprehensive MIC programs in the industry which focuses on the “big 3″:

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